Check the authenticity of the garment with those easy steps

Check the lining of the garment for the VITO PONTI label
Inspect the handtag of the garment. It must be black & gold or black & silver, according to the style of each garment. The logo is embossed and it contains the GUARANTEE sheet inside.
The tie cord of the handtag should not be broken or manually tied or else in may come from another garment
Inspect the neck-roll from the inside. The hang chain should be VITO PONTI branded
Ask the Ventor to show you the leather side of the skins, behind the lining. They should have VITO PONTI stamps on them. (This method is considered fairly invasive and should only be used in special cases. Note that the Store may not have the necessary equipment to sew the lining back again.)
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Check your fur garment authenticity onlineIf the above steps did not seem to apply or you still suspect that your garment is not genuine, you can use the form below to provide us the Model, the 4 Digit Serial Number located on the hand tag and a Photo of the garment itself. We will check the authenticity for you.A photo of the garment is Essential so we can crosscheck if the hand-tag belongs to the specific garment pictured. Otherwise we will only verify that the hand-tag is authentic and that’s not something you want.Make sure to fill all the required fields and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Authenticity Check for NAFA’s BLACKGLAMA & BLACK NAFA skins

All of our Blackglama & Black Nafa furs come with their original labels sewed on the lining of the garment. All of NAFA’s garment labels have integrated a special security fiber, which is woven into the label itself. Access to this material is very regulated and is being used by the finest brand names to reassure consumers and retailers that only authentic labels are being used. This unique fiber can be easily seen with the use of a small portable black light and reputable retailers will be pleased to demonstrate this feature.Each NAFA label contains its own unique serial number to ensure authenticity. To validate your NAFA label, enter the serial number in the text box below: