Fur Care

  • Always use a broad shoulder hanger for your garment. Avoid regular clothing hangers or wire hangers as they will cause damage to the shoulders.
  • Make sure that there is enough space around it in the closet.
  • Never store the garment in a plastic bag for a long time. Use a cloth bag that will allow proper ventilation.
  • Never store the garment in direct sunlight as it will oxidize it and it will cause discoloration over time.
  • Never store the garment in a very humid or very damp place.
  • Do not wash the garment on your home washing machine. Cleaning should only be done by a professional fur cleaner.
  • Do not iron or brush the garment.
  • If it gets damp by light rain or snow, fluff and shake it gently to dismiss any water and store it in a airy, cool place.
  • Never place it near heating sources as it will make colors dull and the leather brittle.
  • If it gets wet have a furrier care immediately.
  • Do not use alcohol, solvents or silicone based products on the fur.
  • Do not use any type of insecticide, naphthalene or moth balls around the garment.

Fur is an investment. You should protect your investment by storing it on a professional fur vault for the warm seasons. In this controlled environment you can rest assured that all the above rules are being followed and additionally at this time you can have it checked for small tears or other needed repairs. Also once a year, you should have your fur professionally cleaned.

This will make your fur last as long as possible.